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For all the difficult to find period accessories which will give your car that finishing touch.



Here is a nice selection of the hard to find bits and pieces for the Mk1

Many of these parts were found on 'works' cars and are sought after by owners of vehicles who are rebuilding their pride and joy. 

If you have any of the following, please get in touch, we can always find new homes for them!

Cash always waiting for good parts. 

Please note - the parts shown on this page are NOT for sale unless otherwise stated.....
However, if you require a similar item, please let us know and we will do our best to locate it for you.


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springalex 1.jpg (69567 bytes)

Springalex steering wheel.

This is an early wheel with vinyl grip and alloy spokes, the unmistakable Springalex shape is there though!

Fitted on Mk2 Cortinas and Early Escort Twin Cams 

springalex 01.jpg (64002 bytes)

Springalex steering wheel.

This is a wheel with leather grip and black alloy spokes, this wheel has just been recovered as the leather was totally shot after years of hard work!

Fitted on Twin Cams, Mexicos and RS1600s - this was the wheel offered by Ford AVO as part of the 'Rally' pack 

springalex 2.jpg (69124 bytes)

Springalex steering wheel.

This is  later wheel with leather grip and black alloy spokes, this wheel is slightly deeper than above.

springalex 3.jpg (70084 bytes)

Springalex steering wheel.

As above but with thicker grip and even deeper dish.

springalex 4.jpg (97380 bytes)

21st Century 'AVO' type steering wheel.

6 inch dished Springalex copy 
Note that the spokes are cut from a single piece of steel. 
(Available in the Springalex wheels section -
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springalex 9.jpg (98654 bytes)
centres2.jpg (67234 bytes)

Springalex centres

I've now found six different types of the early ones and there are several of the later one piece type, all with different centre discs.

I've had them re-produced and I'm very happy with the results!
centres1.jpg (76622 bytes)
Available in the Springalex wheels for sale section - click here

cibie metal covers.jpg (53113 bytes)

Cibie Oscar lamps with the metal covers on - used by the Works Escorts on their lower lamps - hard to find in good condition

cibie metal stone.jpg (26332 bytes)

Cibie Oscar lamps with the metal grills fitted - used by the Works Escorts on their lower lamps - even harder to find in good condition than the ones above!

biodes.jpg (42594 bytes)biode1.jpg (34257 bytes)

Cibie Biode 7" headlamps lamps - used by the Works Escorts once the rectangular lamp was found to be pretty hopeless!

This lamp has a secondary reflector unit - hence the name'bi'ode.

Getting hard to find - no self respecting works replica is complete without a set!

avobkts3.jpg (33922 bytes)

Lamp Brackets
Various steel lamp brackets available from Ford RS dealers in the 70s. These were all used by the Works Escorts prior to the alloy version being used.

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guard1.jpg (51880 bytes)guard2.jpg (35644 bytes)


Magard Alloy sumpguard.

The cheaper copy of the 'Tech-Del' magnesium version used on the works cars. At least these would still stand a good landing, I'm afraid the magnesium will be well past it's best 30 years on!



contour.jpg (80074 bytes)


Contour 'Clubman' bucket seat. This sorry looking version has been sat in my store room for years - I didn't know I had it!

They were either trimmed in Betacloth or the Airotech (waffle) vinyl and if you are very lucky, come with a strange looking headrest. 

dash3.jpg (50161 bytes)


Not quite exact, but a reasonable reproduction of the 'works' instrument cluster.

dash7.jpg (89478 bytes)

Another reproduction of the 'works' instrument cluster but showing gauges more representative of the ones used on the original works Mk1 Escorts. 
Smiths 80mm Chronometric gauges were used for speedo and tacho and a dual oil pressure/water temp gauge. 
Original aviation 'pea' lights are fitted to illuminate the gauges.

dash2.jpg (65680 bytes)

Dash under construction - Finally, we have found some warning lamps which are close to the original ones!

(Available in the parts for sale section - click here)

consol.jpg (143012 bytes)

Works type 'long' centre consol - this is a grp copy of the 'Mada' version used in the works cars complete with all proper switches gauges and fuse boxes.
(Available in the parts for sale section -
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indicators.jpg (62613 bytes)

indicators1.jpg (56136 bytes)

Lucas indicator/sidelamp units as used on many 'works' cars. The top ones are the genuine Lucas versions which have metal bodies (both black and chrome) and the bottom image shows the 'Vega' lamp lenses which had black plastic bodies.

lucas576.jpg (50931 bytes)lucas576a.jpg (65305 bytes)


Lucas 576 rear mounted reverse lamp. 

Used on the works cars and favorite with Mini Cooper owners as they were on works Minis too!

(Available in the parts for sale section - click here)

6fjfuse.jpg (44191 bytes)

Lucas 6FJ fusebox - two were fitted to the works cars in differing positions

Check out the 'works' cars link for more info.

(Available in the parts for sale section -
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trico1.jpg (33534 bytes)

Trico illuminated switch.

Used as a reverse switch and warning lamp - originally fitted to 60s Jaguars!

pedal1.jpg (75304 bytes)pedal1+.jpg (66826 bytes)


Speedwell accelerator pedal - this is an early plastic version which is brand new and still with the packaging.


I bet you could have bought one of these from the local 'Rally and Speed shop' in the 60s for less than a pound!

Used on many works cars so the drivers could 'toe and heel' easier.

pedal2.jpg (80710 bytes)

Paddy Hopkirk accelerator pedal. 

Same idea as Speedwell item but made by Paddy Hopkirk Accessories.   The famous Mini driver had a full range of go faster goodies and were fitted to anything in the 70s!

(Now available in the parts for sale section - click here)

butlers.jpg (35296 bytes)

Butlers map light.

Every rally car in the 60s and 70s had one of these! 

tripmet.jpg (23664 bytes)

Halda Tripmaster.

This is the alloy cased version of the famous tripmeter as found on many works cars! 

trippvc.jpg (28628 bytes)

Halda Tripmaster.

This is the plastic cased version - slightly later model, with all the problems ironed out and the case never looks scratched - but not as sought after as the alloy version!

twinmet.jpg (29471 bytes)

Halda Twinmaster.

This is the alloy cased version, there are two types, smooth black and wrinkle finish, it is getting very hard to find good ones nowadays - we all threw them away and fitted electronic ones!

twinpvc.jpg (29226 bytes)

Halda Tripmaster.

This is the plastic cased version of the above, again a slightly later model, but not quite as 'original equipment' as the metal bodied ones.


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