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Mk 1 Escort Picture Gallery

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osf 2002.jpg (60555 bytes)

My own Mexico

day1.jpg (12250 bytes)

Looks better than it did!
(Well I think so!)

under3.jpg (39589 bytes)

Even underneath is nice.

Dan-auto.jpg (35861 bytes)
Daniel Bialik from Belgium
sent us this picture of his garage!
Nice or what?

now.jpg (62845 bytes)

Then it had to have some Minilites didn't it?
mex2.jpg (39885 bytes)
Mex at Stanford Hall 2003

grid.jpg (154753 bytes)

1971 Mexico challenge.

 Many people think that they never produced white Mexicos with black stripes... 
It looks like they did!

russ1.jpg (42892 bytes)

Russ Pembertons RS2

jim1.jpg (46318 bytes)

Jim Pembertons RS2000

peteM1.jpg (42602 bytes)

Pete Matthews RS2000

Andreas from Greece 
owns this very nice 4 door

christian1.jpg (99084 bytes)

This lovely car belongs to Christian from France.
There are more pics below or click here for the full story.  

This is Andreas Mexico - 
So rare in Greece!

rolf1.jpg (28366 bytes)

Rolf from Norway is building this wicked looking mk1.....

rolf2.jpg (31526 bytes)

He's well on with it and I can't wait to see it finished... 

rolf3.jpg (84971 bytes)

Looks like it's done - meaty!

glennmex1.jpg (117573 bytes)
Donnas lovely Mexico - get it used!glennmex2.jpg (110273 bytes)

rolf5.jpg (77831 bytes)

The view everyone will get?

rolf4.jpg (79890 bytes)

Rolfs engine bay

paulsmex.jpg (146896 bytes)

Paul Coopers Mexico
Nice or what?

Some Competition cars:

sladd.jpg (65708 bytes)

christian2.jpg (76934 bytes)

christian3.jpg (80642 bytes)

christian4.jpg (64755 bytes)

fev5h.JPG (142528 bytes)

Send me your pictures if you want your car featured.